Mineral Massage Soap

Don't just nourish your skin, give it a relaxing massage, too! This special blend of Dead Sea minerals will wash away dirt without stripping your skin of Essential Oils or moisture.


On the Go Travel Set

Get your favorite Seacret products, in the perfect TSA-approved mini sizes! You’ll never have to be without your beloved Seacret lotions and hair care products when you’re on the go. Comes packaged with your very own Seacret-branded travel bag and an Individually Wrapped Mud Soap. 

Set Includes: 

  • Travel-Size Hand Cream with Shea Butter
  • Travel-Size Body Lotion (Ocean Mist)
  • Travel-Size Mineral Rich Hydrating Mud Shampoo
  • Travel-Size Mineral Rich Vitalizing Mud Conditioner
  • Individually Wrapped Mud Soap
  • Seacret-Branded Travel Bag



Nail Care Collection

Bring the power of professional nail care to your fingertips, and pamper your nails without the use of unnatural chemicals or harsh agents. This comprehensive set includes Body Lotion, Cuticle Oil, Nail File, and our multi-purpose, world famous Buffing Block.


Cuticle Oil

Seacret's Cuticle Oil is designed to protect your nails and help them grow to be beautiful, strong and even. Great for softening the skin and may help prevent dryness.


Body Lotion

A light moisturizer that punches well above its weight, this all over body lotion restores a supple glow and relaxed feel to your skin.


Hand Cream with Shea Butter

Don’t let your hands age faster than the rest of you. Our mineral-rich formula infuses your skin with lasting moisture and softening vitamins, to help reduce the signs of aging in your hands.


Foot Cream with Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil is nature’s gift of love to your feet. This cream softens, protects, and renews your skin.


Body Butter

No amount of money can make you feel this rich. Give your skin the treatment is craves with this indulgent cream, infused with Dead Sea minerals, shea and cocoa butters, to provide the ultimate hydrating experience.


Salt Scrub

Get extra-deep with this as a scrub, or turn your tub into a spa by using it as a rejuvenating soak. However you use it, this powerful combination of Dead Sea salt, minerals, and oils will give your skin the attention it’s been longing for.


Salt & Oil Scrub

This luscious scrub is second to none when it comes to enveloping your skin in moisture. Just one try and you’ll be hooked to this exfoliating treatment that leaves skin feeling unbelievably silky smooth.


Mud Therapy Hand Cream

Who knew playing in the mud could be so satisfying? The first time you treat your hands to this thick, mineral-rich, and completely unique formula, will surely not be your last.


Mud Therapy Foot Cream

Experience the softening effects of a day at the spa with this mineral-rich moisturizer. Made just for your feet and packed with vitamins, nutrients, and Dead Sea mud, this cream will leave your feet feeling softer than ever.


Mineral-Rich Body Mud 400gr

You can lie on the shores of the Dead Sea, or bring the Dead Sea to your doorstep with this highly concentrated body cream. You’ll never experience dry skin again because this mud doesn’t just soften skin, it nourishes with minerals and vitamins for the ultimate moisturizing effect.