Salt Scrub


Salt Scrub

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Size: 8.8 FL. OZ / 250 ML


Get extra-deep with this as a scrub, or turn your tub into a spa by using it as a rejuvenating soak. However you use it, this powerful combination of Dead Sea salt, minerals, and oils will give your skin the attention it’s been longing for.

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For use on more tough skin areas such as the Feet, Elbows or Knees. Use as a Soak in the Tub.


Exfoliate away dead skin cells, revealing more radiant, healthy looking skin. Soak to nourish your skin with Dead Sea Minerals.

How Often

Once or Twice a Week


Apply to damp, tough skin areas, rubbing gently in circular motions. Draw a bath with water temperature as desired. Place a scoop of the Salt Scrub in the water and soak as desired.